Dubuque Area For Sale By Owner DAFSBO.com

Pricing Tips for Sellers:

As a seller it is your goal to have your property be the most appealing to buyers. One huge advantage to selling the FSBO way is your PRICE! When pricing your home be sure you take all factors into account. When selling on your own you have one huge advantage than someone using a realtor. NO COMISSION FEES! You have the ability to make your home more appealing than the seller down the street listed with a realtor requiring a high commission cost.

DAFSBO has seen some homes list with a realtor at the same price they were listed at as a FSBO property. We have yet to see a home sell at that same price when they switch to a realtor. One of two things happen. The home owner leaves the price as is because they can’t afford to lower it because of commission cost. So the house still doesn’t sell and precious time is WASTED. Time is money! Second, the home owners discover that there wasn’t a difference with the exposure their property was receiving and decide to list the FSBO way again. This time at a more reasonable and appealing price and the house sells.  DAFSBO.COM HOMES RECIEVE THE SAME AUDIENCE THAN HOMES LISTED WITH A REALTOR DO. EVEN REALTORS USE DAFSBO!

Bottom line, price your home reasonably and ultimately you will still end up with more money in your pocket. Also, keep in mind that most realtors are not a licensed appraiser. If you need to know what your home’s official value is, we recommend using a local home appraiser. Some realtors may try to give you a listing amount that’s higher than what it will actually sell for and then try and talk you to lower after you list with them. They may also give you a sales pitch as to why you shouldn’t sell on your own or with other agencies.  Avoid a sales pitch and rely on the facts. No one knows what is best for you than you yourself. Most sellers have a common goal to sell their home quickly. Pricing is a major factor to accomplish this.

Other Tips for Sellers:

Make sure your home is in tip top shape! Clean right down to each nook and cranny. This is important inside and out. Rent a storage unit for your extra clutter. Even clean up your storage area! Nothing screams that this home is well cared for than a clean, spotless, and organized home.

If you decide to use your own photos make sure items are put away properly and not left out on the counter. Make sure pets or children are not in your photo. If you decide to use our professional photography, we are happy to help you out with these details.

Here at DAFSBO we want to provide you with the best customer service and optimal exposure for your property. Exposure is not an issue when listing your home on DAFSBO. With many success stories of homes selling in days not months. With data showing that DAFSBO receives well over 500 hits a day. We fully understand exposure. Other avenues for selling your home may try and convince you that you need to be on the MLS to sell. The majority of buyers are looking at all avenues when making a purchase as important as a home not just the MLS.  We know of many real estate professionals that want the best for their clients and use DAFSBO to provide those clients with a complete list of properties for sale in the Dubuque area. With easy internet access and more people going the FSBO route to sell and buy their home, DAFSBO is Dubuque areas top website to advertise your FSBO property.


Real Estate Lawyer: 

Line up your attorney to help you with the details of the process of selling your home. It's a very simple process but your lawyer can provide you with up to date contracts and a purchase agreement once you verbally come to an agreement with a buyer. This fee is very minimal. As always, if you are unsure with any steps you should be taking call us anytime at 563-663-6556.



Now that your home is on the market you may receive calls or post cards as to why you should list with a Realtor. Don't worry, this is a common sales tactic to get you to sign a long term contract. Invite them to your next open house and let them know if you are willing to pay a lower commission if they bring a buyer. As of now the going rate to pay a realtor with a buyer is a 2%-2.5%. This is much more reasonable than an outrageous 7%! Over 90% of buyers are searching for their next home online. This is all the more reason you should sell on DAFSBO and save thousands!